HR Health Check Questionnaire

Complete our Employment Law and HR Health Check questionnaire for:

  • A free assessment of your business’ compliance with
    employment regulation and level of employee relations
  • A free HR policy which should benefit your business

Your employees are a vital part of your organisation,
providing manpower, skills and knowledge to deliver your

However, a workforce brings with it responsibility, regulation
and administrative burden. Failing to manage your workforce
properly can result in reduced productivity, additional and
unforeseen business costs and damage to your brand. A quick
review of your current workforce management can highlight
areas of concern that you can remedy now,
quickly and cost effectively rather than
reactively when something goes wrong.

Two key areas to consider are compliance with employment law
and employee relations and engagement.

Although the UK has one of least burdensome regulatory regimes
when it comes to employment law, failure to comply can be
costly and damaging to your business, from failing to issue
contracts of employment to mishandling a redundancy process.

Just as costly can be a failure to engage and relate well to
your employees. A workforce which is ambivalent to the aims
of the business and lacking trust and respect for senior
management will be less productive and could even have an
overall detrimental impact on the operation of the business.

Our comprehensive Employment Law and HR Health Check will
assess your current level of compliance with employment law,
identify areas for improvement and indicate whether or not
there are mechanisms you can introduce to improve employee
relations and engagements.

The questionnaire should only take a few minutes to complete
and you can then email it to us for review by one of our
employment law professionals. You will receive a
comprehensive assessment on each area, an
overall summary of your current HR management status and top
tips for further improvement.

Not only will our report identify areas for improvement but
we will also provide you with a free HR policy which we
consider will be of benefit to your business, based on our

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